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We consists of number of devices and is easy to use and install in both new and existing lighting. Our smart control devices and APP communicate via Bluetooth technology. All our Smart control devices can easily replace the existing installation in your home, and the system can be expanded as required on an ongoing basis.

The main functions include:

  • All lights on/off
  • Individual light/device on/off
  • Light dimming
  • Tunable white
  • Motion detection

The main advantages include:

  • Wall hacking is not required
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Use latest bluetooth MESH technology
  • User friendly in APP and switches operation
  • System with astro clock and circadian feature

The package equipments include:

  • Control APP
  • Smart mini gateway
  • Smart dimmer switch
  • Smart pill
  • Smart motion sensor
  • Smart battery operated remote switch


SMART CONTROL DEVICE Product Sheet: Download